Friday the 13th in Full Moon Phase…

So, it’s Friday the 13th and we are in Full Moon phase…

If there is any connection between a full moon and the date, we should be entertained as the day wears on. I mean really, if there’s going to be a zombie apocalypse, what better day to start one than right now?

Of course, our esteemed scientists will tell you there’s no correlation between the weird and frantic during a full moon. However, my husband mentioned on more than one occasion–while working graveyard patrol at the police department–the presence of a full moon seemed far more chaotic and people behaved in a more irrational manner than on any other day of the lunar month. Hospitals can fall victim to the bizarre as well.

Did you know there have only been about 10 full moons on Friday the 13th between 1903 to June of 2014? Today will mark the eleventh. Actually the official full moon was yesterday, but we are still in the full moon phase. But the next time a full moon and Friday the 13th actually coincide on the exact same day will be August 13th 2049. A lot of us probably won’t be here to see it though, perhaps due to that zombie apocalypse or something like age… ;D


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