The Haunting of Fraser Castle & Spirit of the Knight in Audio!

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But First, let’s get to the Haunting of Fraser Castle…

In the year 1575, the construction of Castle Fraser was begun. A man by the name of Michael Fraser, who was the 6th Laird of Fraser, oversaw the creation of his castle. However, it took sixty-one years before the Fraser clan deemed the castle finished. Perhaps because of the great care that went into this castle, many consider it to be one of the grandest castles in all of Aberdeenshire. And, just as in all castles, this one has quite a history.

The castle was built as the home of the Frasers of Muchalls and then later became the Frasers of Castle Fraser. This lovely structure was passed down through the ages to all the Lords’ Fraser. Afterward, it was owned by the Frasers of Inverallochy and then finally the Mackenzie family took possession. Possibly, it was in honor of this edifice that they then took the name “Mackenzie Fraser.”

Frederick Mackenzie Fraser, the last male in this direct line, died in 1897. Unfortunately, he didn’t produce an heir during his lifetime. Therefore, his widow, Theodora, unable to shoulder the financial burden alone, sold the castle in 1921. Weetman Pearson, the 1st Viscount Cowdray bought it. His family restored the castle and then turned it into a shooting lodge. In 1976 they gave it to the National Trust for Scotland.

It all sounds so normal. Yet, all castles have ghosts, don’t they?

Most certainly, or so they say.

The most famous ghost of Fraser castle is a princess who, for unknown reasons, was murdered as she slept. Not very hospitable for one who was just a guest, wouldn’t you agree? Nonetheless, one night as she lay sleeping in the upstairs Green room an assailant came in to her room and murdered her most foully.

They say the blackguard dragged her bloody body down the stairs in an attempt to cover up his hideous misdeed. He didn’t get very far as he was discovered and quickly executed. However, his crime would be forever noted by the blood stains on the stairs. You see, despite many, many attempts, the blood just couldn’t be removed. Finally, in desperation, the stains were covered by the wooden paneling which can still be seen to this day. As for the princess? Though she was gently buried, her restless spirit still lingers at Fraser castle. Many have seen her ghostly form floating silently through the hallways.

In addition to our princess, one can at times, hear ghostly piano music coming from the Hall. There is also the unsettling sound of whispers that are nowhere and everywhere. It is also said that the ghost of Lady Drummond, who died in 1874, is frequently seen on the staircase, dressed in a long black gown. Finally, if the staff is to be believed, the kitchen is also haunted. They often hear the laughter of children or their whispered songs in empty kitchen corners.

Yep… that’s what they say. Care to drop by for a visit?


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